Scan the web

Com2go, utilising advanced spidering engines that scan the web using pre-agreed keywords, collects digital articles with reference to the selected keywords.

Digital monitoring

A com2go digital monitoring account executive reviews the results and delivers report (frequency depends on package) as to the presence of these keywords in digital media. Also com2go provides a summary analyzing the sentiment of posts / article. Com2go, as part of the monitoring services, notifies the client with SMS of the digital monitoring execution, sent with email the results as well as the articles that require immediate reply/attention. Some packages also include digital crisis and reputation management.

Digital crisis

Our Social Media Crisis Specialists, can help you plan for, take measures to prevent, and overcome a social media crisis with minimum repercussions to your brand and online reputation. Social media crises are both unpredictable and overwhelming, though with the right mind-set, monitoring, and crisis communication strategy they can be turned from negative and potentially brand-damaging situations into positive PR opportunities with multiple advantages for your brand and online reputation.

Our services

Our services include:
• Social media marketing overview
• Social media crisis preventative strategies
• Helping your team develop the right social media and crisis mind-set
• Developing a solid and targeted social media crisis plan
• On-call social media crisis management
• Custom workshops & seminars for executives and/or staff
• Scenario development and pre-emptive planning
• Social media monitor training
• Social media crisis team training
• Social media crisis policy development
• Post social media crisis analysis to both strengthen your crisis communication strategy and empower your brand

Social media crisis team training

We will evaluate your current staff in order to choose and set up your social media crisis team. Should your team consist of members within your existing staff, or should more experienced personnel be hired for important roles such as your social media monitoring? These are questions for which we will determine answers. We will then proceed to train your crisis team to understand their role within a social media crisis, what's expected of them, and best practices for crisis response.

Social media crisis policy development

We will assist in developing your social media crisis policy, which should clearly address all possible scenarios of an online crisis and the role each member of your staff plays in responding to and overcoming such crises.

Post social media crisis analysis
to both strengthen your social media crisis communication strategy
and empower your brand

Once the crisis has been overcome, it's important to analyse and document each aspect and event in order to improve your social media crisis strategy, internal communication methods, and empower your brand. We will analyse each point of the crisis, how it unfolded, where it unfolded, the dominant platform which clients took to voice their opinions, at which point your advocates came to your defence, and much more. Taking the time to document and analyse each event within the social media crisis will allow you to strengthen your brand against and prepare for future attacks and will aid in developing future social media marketing campaigns.

One stop social media crisis management

We can undertake your entire social media crisis management for you. Our dedicated crisis management specialists with manage everything for you.